About Us

The company UNILOB ® was established as a continuation of the Gemini Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development USAID. The project was implemented in Poland by Development Alternatives Inc., Coopers & Lybrand and Harvard Institute of International Development in 1991- 99. Supporting development of the private sector in Poland and dissemination of principles of the market economy constituted the main objectives of the Gemini Project. Following completion of the Project in 1999, specialists employed by Gemini established UNILOB. Today our company provides commercial consulting and training services for public and private sector entities and for individual companies in Poland and abroad. As a forerunner of the idea of professional lobbying UNILOB guarantees provision of specialized services in the area of government relations and interest advocacy based on the highest professional standards and the Code of Professional Ethics adopted by APLP in Poland.

Letter from USAID Poland (Eng)
Letter from CTO USAID Poland (pol)
Description of the Gemini Project (Eng)
Letter from the Ministry of Economy (Pol)