Interventions and representing Client's interest towards decision-making authorities

Every company and every entrepreneur in the course of his business practice and any other entity conducting its business operations is faced with bureaucratic obstacles or administrative decisions which, from time to time, obstruct intended activities. Overcoming these barriers requires highly specialized skills and knowledge of procedures and operating practices of a particular public administration authority in combination with persistent actions. UNILOB experts intervene on behalf of our customers to forward their interests and to help them to overcome risks facing them.

PR Campaigns

In some instances ongoing, routine PR activities performed by internal units of a company are simply insufficient. If risks are substantial and in crisis situations it is necessary to organize special public relations campaigns reaching the general public, including all stakeholders and decision-makers, with particular messages. UNILOB experts provide companies and organizations with advise on tools, contents and scope of these campaigns, appropriate and effective methods of communicating with media and decision-makers. We also support implementation of these campaigns in close cooperation with internal PR departments of our customers.

Entrepreneurship and local development

Growing competencies of local authorities in provinces, districts, communities and cities, combined with a growing competition, require development of regional and local development strategies and policies including, primarily, entrepreneurship development and support strategies. Numerous instruments are available to local authorities and communities which can support and expedite regional development. They include financial, budget and non-budget instruments such as guarantee funds. They also include regulatory instruments applicable on the local level as well as training support. Application and appropriate selection of these instruments require extensive competencies and experience. UNILOB experts have worked in this area for over 15 years. They have successfully prepared and implemented regional and local strategies for current cooperation with authorities and Regional Development Agencies.

International Consulting

Extensive experience gained abroad guarantees high quality of services rendered by Unilob. We cooperated with international organizations in implementation of financial assistance programs offered by the European Commission as well as USA and UK governments. These projects were designed to develop legal, institutional and financial environment supporting growth of the private sector, civil society and strengthening of foundations of the market economy. Unilob has provided services for individual customers, governments, social and economic organizations in Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Georgia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kirgizstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Uganda and Ukraine.