Study Tours

Study Tours in Poland and abroad

UNILOB, based on a proprietary methodology, organizes study tours in cooperation with international assistance organizations. Participants of the visits primarily include representatives of administration authorities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector from countries undergoing economic and political transformation. Training preparation includes drawing up of an agenda, providing logistic support, coordinating and developing plans supporting implementation of obtained knowledge (follow-up action planning). The range of subjects is very broad. The main idea behind all our projects is to present a comprehensive view of Polish experience by pointing out positive and negative consequences of implemented reforms. Our methodology, developed in cooperation with the best training experts, is appreciated for its efficiency and effectiveness. An appropriate selection of visited institutions and organizations, which are happy to share their knowledge and experience due to long-term cooperation with UNILOB, is the key to the success. UNILOB has organized a few dozens of study tours in Poland and abroad for a few hundreds of participants from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

List of selected training courses and study tours